Shutting Down TPPI-1 To Move To A Custom Pack

We’ve had our TPPI-1 server running for 6 months now and it’s served us well. But, like all good things this too must end; it’s death harolds a new age for us at Bacon Gaming. We’ve decided that in lieu of continuing with TPPI-2 we’ll switch to a custom made pack by us using TPPI-2 as a sort of baseline. This new pack will have a pack code assigned to it and we’ll give said code to members new and old alike so they can download the pack via the Technic Launcher. Additionally we’ll be changing the information on this website to reflect the rules/item restrictions/guidelines of our new “Bacon Gaming Mod Pack” (Name’s still WIP)

TLDR: Shit’s changing around here, try to keep your head about you as you experience the awesome sauce we have in store.